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The Perfect Outlander-Inspired Event For History Fans!

Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming is the perfect event for the history-loving Outlander fan.  With historically accurate workshops, presentations, living history groups and more, you will be taken back in time to Jamie & Claire’s home on The Ridge.

Over the course of four days, 18th-century North Carolina history will be presented to you in a way that will engage all five of your senses. Colonial cooking, campfire stories, colonial tea parties, hawk & knife throwing, traditional music and dancing of the Cherokee, mead making, musket firing, edible & medicinal plant walks, animal tracking, discussions with an 18th-century physician, mule and wagon rides, and living history encampments are only just a few of the things you will experience at the Homecoming. Your sixth sense might even be engaged with a ghost walk or two. The Homecoming will leave you with a much better appreciation for what the backcountry pioneers of the 18th century had to do to live and survive plus it will incorporate Jamie & Claire’s North Carolina story with the real history of the time. 

Come home October 14 – 17, 2021, to see for yourself! We’re waiting for you!!

Our Outlander Cast Members

Travel Thru Time To Castle Leoch

Welcome Home,
Lotte Verbeek!
(Geillis Duncan)

Born in Holland, Lotte professionally trained at the Amsterdam Academy of Dramatic Arts, as well as at the Amsterdam Academy of Jazz/Musical Theatre and Dance. During her training at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, she was cast as the lead in the television drama series, Moes. In 2007, she won her first leading role in a feature film, Left, in which she played five different characters. The film was awarded a Silver Melies in Sweden. In 2009, she earned a European Academy Award Best Actress nomination for her performance in Nothing Personal opposite Stephen Rea. In addition, she was also chosen as one of Europe’s Shooting Stars, won the Best Actress Award at the International Film Festivals of Locarno and Marrakech, and was nominated for the National Dutch Film Award, the Golden Calf, for Best Actress. She subsequently won the Best Actress Award at the Monte Carlo TV Film Festival for her work in Italian miniseries The Queens of Swing. Lotte is also known for her roles in “The Borgias”, “Suspension Of Disbelief”, “In Your Name”, “The Fault In Our Stars”, “Entertainment”, “The Last Witch Hunter”, NBC’s “The Blacklist”, “Counterpart”, “Book of Vision” and “The Coldest Game”. Lotte is best known to Outlander fans as Geillis Duncan who she portrayed in Seasons 1 and 2.

Welcome Home,
Graham McTavish!
(Dougal MacKenzie)

Graham McTavish is a Scottish television, and film actor best known for his roles as Dougal MacKenzie in the popular TV series "Outlander" (2014-20), as Dwalin in the "The Hobbit" trilogy by Peter Jackson (2012-14) as well as the Saint of Killers in AMC's series "Preacher" based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's cult comic book series (2016 onwards). He also starred alongside Sylvester Stallone in "Rambo" (2008) and "Creed" (2015), making him the only actor to perform opposite Rocky AND Rambo. He is also known for his roles in numerous other TV shows and movies including "Red Dwarf" (1998), "24" (2009), "Rome" (2004), "The Finest Hours" (2015) and "Colombiana" (2011). As well as extensive theatre work throughout the UK including The Royal Court and The Royal National Theatre, he is well known for his voice work on games and animated TV, including "Uncharted 2, 3, and 4", "Call of Duty", "Dante's Inferno", Loki in "Hulk v Thor" and "The Avengers", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Kung Fu Panda".

Our History Experts

Travel Thru Time To 18th-Century North Carolina

Bringing 18th Century History Straight To You!

Clint Byers

✓Hawk & Knife Throwing
✓Making A Hammered Copper Bracelet or Brooch

Joe Candillo

✓ Enchanted Native American Wilderness Walk Plus Animal Tracking

Jeremiah DeGennaro

✓Truth Vs. Fiction: The Regulators & The Battle of Alamance

Judi Fleming

✓Gourds & Gourd Weaving

Renée Frost

✓Bees & Beekeeping

Nancy Gaines

✓Wool Waulking
✓Button Making
✓Wool Dying

Chris Grimes

✓Tincture Making
✓Lessons From An 18th Century Physician

Sue Herman

✓Outlander Book Discussion

Kerry Maserik

✓Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk
✓Make A Stone Pendant

Erin Lawrimore
Richard Cox

✓18th Century NC Taverns & Brews

The Sword Conservatory Highlanders

✓Scottish Sword Fighting Demos
✓Fight A Highlander

Carol Shaw

✓Fight Like Claire ~ Basics Of Dirk & Dagger Fighting

Steve Ricker

✓From Frontier to Fire And Sword

Dawn Mathews

✓Goat Cheese Making
✓Mead Making

Steve Mathews

✓Meat Canning

Kim Picton

✓Sassenach Foot Scrub & Soak
✓Claire's Gemstone Facial

Janet Pyatt

✓Dressing The BackCountry
✓18th Century Clothing

Susie Worcester

✓Open Fire Cooking

Madison Shepherd

✓Flat Foot Dancing

Traci Thompson

✓Discover Your Roots

RG Absher

✓Ghosts of Wilkes County & Beyond

Justin Cherry

✓18th Century Bread Baking

Eric Lindbeck

✓What They Had In Their Pockets ~ The Coins Of Outlander
✓Dueling At Dawn ~ Blood & Honor

Craig Freudenrich

✓Fight Like Jamie ~ Basics of Fighting With The Scottish Basket-Hilted Sword

William Caldwell

✓Path To Victory
✓ Covered In Flames & Smoke
✓That Heathen Race

Fraser's Ridge Homecoming 2019

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