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Cabin Sharing Agreement
And Rental Payment Form

Your Cabin Share Information

Please Read The Agreement Below Carefully.

This agreement is between the Cabin Share Attendee (CSA) and Outlander North Carolina, LLC (ONC) for Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming 2023 (FRH).

CSA agrees that In order to qualify for the cabin sharing program, a ticket to Fraser's Ridge Homecoming MUST be purchased first. EVERYONE staying in the cabin MUST purchase a ticket.

CSA agrees to pay their total portion of rent regardless of length of stay. ONC rents cabins for the purpose of cabin sharing for four nights, October 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2023. If CSA stays less than four nights, the total portion for four nights must still be paid.

CSA agrees to follow the rules of the cabin set forth by the cabin owner. ONC is legally liable for the rental of the cabin. All cabin rules posted in each cabin must be followed by each CSA.

CSA agrees to a space. A space is defined as one sleeping space. If the space (bed) is big enough for 2 people, we have the right to assign another attendee to that space. If CSA wants the entire bed, he/she must pay for 2 spaces.

No changes in bed or cabin assignments may be made by the CSA unless approved in advance of FRH by ONC.

ALL bathrooms in a cabin MUST be shared. There are NO private bathrooms in the cabin sharing program. If you are assigned a bedroom with a ensuite bathroom, you agree that you will allow others in the cabin to use that bathroom, as needed.

There is no seniority in the rental cabins. If a bed space becomes vacant, any person who is assigned a sleeper sofa or air mattress space will be notified and will have the first opportunity for reassignment to the vacant bed space.

Be courteous and respectful of others staying in the cabin, be respectful of the property, keep noise levels to a minimum and assist in clean-up and check-out procedures delineated in cabin procedures.

Please keep the atmosphere in the cabin positive. If you have a complaint about your assigned cabin or space, please direct it to one of the ONC team members.

In order to respect all CSAs, NO PETS are allowed in the cabins rented by ONC for cabin sharing purposes, regardless of whether or not the cabin owner allows pets. If a cabin is found to have evidence of a pet, a pet fee and any additional costs charged to ONC by Leatherwood Mountains Resort will be invoiced to the person bringing the pet. If a cabin is found to have evidence of a pet and the pet owner is not revealed, the pet fee and any additional fees associated with the pet will be divided and assessed among CSAs in that cabin.

A deposit of $50 is due upon signing the Cabin Share Rental Agreement. CSA must pay the remaining portion of their share of the rent to ONC no later than July 31, 2023, via the link provided. Rent payments may be made in installments in any amount up to July 31.

If CSA must cancel for any reason, ONC will make every effort to fill the cabin share space that has been vacated by the cancellation. If the space cannot be filled, no refund of the rent money will be given.

CSA will be notified by ONC of the cabin address plus check-in procedures approximately 5-7 days prior to FRH.

A cabin information packet will be provided to you at FRH registration on either Wednesday, October 11 or Thursday, October 12, depending upon your arrival day. If you will be arriving outside of the registration days/times, CSA should notify ONC with arrival information.

Cabin Share Deposit

Price: $ 50.00
Your card will be charged for this amount. You will be sent another link to make installment or final payments on the remaining portion of the rent.
$ 0.00