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Cabin Sharing Rental Agreement & Payment Form

Cabin Sharing Agreement
And Rental Payment Form

Your Cabin Share Information

Please Read The Agreement Below Carefully.

This agreement is between the Cabin Share Attendee (CSA) and Outlander North Carolina, LLC (ONC).

CSA agrees to pay their total portion of rent regardless of length of stay. ONC rents cabins for the purpose of cabin sharing for four nights, October 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2022. If CSA only stays three of those nights, the total portion for four nights must still be paid.

CSA agrees to a space. A space is defined as one sleeping space. If the space (bed) is big enough for 2 people, we have the right to assign another attendee to that space. If CSA wants the entire bed,he/she must pay for 2 spaces.

CSA agrees to follow the rules of the cabin set forth by the cabin owner. Be courteous and respectful of others staying in the cabin, be respectful of the property, keep noise levels to a minimum and assist in clean-up and check-out procedures delineated in cabin procedures.

CSA must pay their portion of the rent to ONC no later than August 15, 2022, via the link provided below.

If CSA must cancel for any reason, ONC will make every effort to fill the cabin share space that has been vacated by the cancellation. If the space cannot be filled, no refund of the rent money will be given.

CSA will be notified by ONC of the cabin address plus check-in procedures as soon as they are available, usually one week prior to check-in date.

Cabin Share Rental Payment

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