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Fraser's Ridge Homecoming

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Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming 2021 Is Sold Out!!

By Beth

We are excited to announce that Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming 2021 is SOLD OUT!! It’s been a rough year with the pandemic plus having to cancel Homecoming 2020 but this is an excellent way to finish things off! Thanks and congratulations to everyone who was able to snag a ticket. We are going to have a great time together in October and we can’t wait to see ALL of you there! 

If you missed getting a ticket, you may join the waiting list by clicking the button below. We will not be adding any additional tickets as we are at full capacity but if there are cancellations, we will fill those spots from the waiting list on a first come, first serve basis. 

Again, thank you for your interest in and support of Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming! We’ve got great things in store!!

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8 thoughts on “Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming 2021 Is Sold Out!!”

  1. Our Fleming ancestors also came from Scotland to NC in 1755 and fought in the Revolution. Sorry I’ll miss this year, hope to make it next year, or take one of your tours! Thanks for doing this!

  2. Beth – I just found your page. My roots are Wilkes Co. Grew up here – left – moved around the country for 38 years before coming back to the property where I grew up and it has been in my family for many generations. Daniel Boone is my 6th Gen Grand Uncle. His sister Sarah was my Grandmother. I am also the Boone Society’s Genealogist and Treasurer. Diana Gabaldon is a great author and my favorite. Loved the Outlander Series and had all the books – gave them to my niece. Love her Lord John Books as well.

    I have been researching my Scottish Roots for over 55 years.

      1. Susan hi. I am John Frasier, currently watching OL for the third time. My family ancestery was
        completed by my great uncle many years ago. To do so, he traveled by car many hundreds
        of miles from Wilmington and Philadelphia to the area around Franklin NC.
        It is uncanny how OL HISTORY so closely aligns with my own.
        My direct line migrated to Philadelphia then settled in Cold Harbor, Va. From there two brothers settled near Franklin, one(my line) then left and settled in Fairplay, SC. I have gone so far as to purchase
        from Scotland my very own Fraser kilt.
        So sorry I found out too late about the celebration. Take many pictures please.

  3. I just found your page! How cool! This is such an interesting page! I am a huge Outlander fan.
    I am also from Northeast TN with half my family from the mountains of western NC. I am extremely Scottish according to and my research. I am Wallace, Bruce, Buchanan, Roberts, and probably a few other clans thrown in. If you are related to any Ollis’s in Avery County, I am sure you are related to me too. I am also a direct decendant of Daniel Boone’s brother.

    Thanks for what you do!

    1. Hey Stephanie!! So glad you found us! I have lived in North Carolina all of my life. I’m now living in Ashe County, NC, and loving being in these beautiful mountains. I’m not related to any Ollis’s that I know anything about – my roots are in eastern NC. How cool to be able to say Uncle Daniel Boone!!!! Hope you can attend the Homecoming at some point! Would love to meet you!

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